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of any discipline with an understanding of, or connection to, the Mennonite community.
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We are artists, designers and performers from all disciplines.

We have a Mennonite connection.

We realize this influences what we do and why we
do it.

We want to find other people who make art and get the Mennonite thing.

Let's talk.

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Posted by Mennonite Artist Project on October 25, 2011 at 4:08am — 5 Comments


Welcome to the Mennonite Artist Project: a place to exchange ideas, share resources, promote shows, post reviews, find mentors, arrange collaborations, commission new work and speak in depth about what it means to be an artist.
Who we are
We are a network of artists with Mennonite ties. We are practicing Mennonites, ex-Mennonites, partners of Mennonites and everything in between. Some of us were raised in the church and are already connected to Mennonite artistic communities. Others prefer to keep our Mennonite experience at arm's length. Still others make our art outside of any religious arena. Many of us are professional musicians, writers, designers, performers, visual artists. Some of us are emerging artists.

If you are wondering if you belong, the criteria are simple: You may be an artist of any discipline who has an understanding of, or connection to, the Mennonite community.

Why it matters
Regardless of our different disciplines, lifestyles and belief systems, the truth remains that Mennonite influence presents unique footholds and obstacles to artists. This struggle and celebration is what brings us together. It is the common ground that the Mennonite Artist Project wants to explore. MAP is a proclamation that art is indeed a Mennonite thing.

How we do it
This project is indebted to generations of artists who have made work out of, and in spite of, a Mennonite identity. It follows in the footsteps of Mennonite arts magazines, regional gatherings, college departments, alumni organizations and anyone who has worked to find a community of artists who value Mennonite culture. It is also inspired by the courage of those artists who, in order to freely express themselves, chose to break from their Mennonite communities.

We need your help, perspective and talent! Each of us will determine the effectiveness of this site. There are no rules other than respect and tolerance. Of course, we are hoping you'll feel inspired, supported and more aware of the work that others are making. If you would appreciate an accessible, inclusive network of artists who identify with the Mennonite experience, spend time here!

What we offer
• Expand your profile on My Page.
• Search our list of over 500 Members by name, location or discipline.
• Join or start an interest Group for your region or area of interest.
• Meet our Featured Artist each month.
• Keep everyone informed of Mennonite-related Arts Events that interest you, and support the artists in your area.
• Start a Discussion or post a classified ad
• Write reviews, ask questions and spark debates on your Blog.
• And please Invite anyone who you think may be interested in this site!

Thanks to everyone who invests their time and creativity to make Mennonite Artist Project the vibrant connective link that Mennonite artists need! Please visit Our History to learn more about who we are.  If you have questions, please contact Renee at
Make yourself at home.
MAP requests that all postings on this site be Mennonite and arts-related. Unrelated or discriminatory postings will be removed. Please
help us to build an organization that is respectful, tolerant and specifically Mennonite arts- focused.

This site contains user-generated content. The opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of Mennonite Artist Project (MAP) or its membership as a whole. MAP is not responsible for the actions or content of third parties.

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